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West Rock Wellness is an integrative, community-based, mental health and wellness center in New Haven, CT grounded in interdisciplinary and holistic therapeutic approaches, including psychedelic-assisted therapies, trauma informed psychotherapy, integrative psychiatry and mind-body medicine. West Rock Wellness also serves as a hub for community gatherings and wellness offerings, such as meditation, yoga, dance, ecotherapy and music therapy, which seek to build a community of healing and encourage creative self-expression.



We envision a more beautiful, sustainable, and harmonious world where interdependence is celebrated and community is acknowledged as a primary source of healing.



Our mission is to co-create an inclusive community and wellness center full of opportunities for deep healing, personal growth, self-expression, and connection.

Treatment Philosophy

At West Rock Wellness (WRW), we share in an understanding of health as an integrated way of being in the world experienced through physical, emotional and spiritual realms. We view all people as complex beings with unique histories who are deeply connected to their natural and social environments. As such, we seek to understand and address root causes of suffering that arise from an interplay of biological, psychological, social, and spiritual causes. For instance, we see disconnection from ourselves, from others, and from our natural environments resulting from emotional wounds, intergenerational and individual traumas, and lived experiences in unhealthy social environments to be at the core of much human suffering. 


At West Rock Wellness, we recognize that alleviating the many forms of suffering that result from the human condition is no easy task; it requires us to draw on many forms of wisdom and knowledge and apply them creatively, often in novel ways. Thus, it is our aim to offer, with care, compassion, and attention to inclusivity and equity, a spectrum of therapeutic and transformational services that address the many layers and causes of suffering and dis-ease. We recognize that this takes a community; a community of people and practitioners coming together to share their gifts and support one another in our collective healing processes. It is our mission to co-create an inclusive community and wellness center full of opportunities for deep healing, personal growth, self-expression, and connection.


In working with clients, our highly trained staff will collaborate with each individual to find the unique combination of modalities and practices to address their individual needs and support their healing process. Our staff is committed to working with clients of different levels of need and specialize in addressing suffering related to depression, trauma, anxiety, substance use, as well as existential concerns. We also support clients desiring personal and emotional growth and transformation. Our community integration team will work with clients to bridge the therapeutic work done with our staff into their everyday lives and connect with a broader support network, allowing members to work together to receive and provide support for each other. It is our hope that our clients will “come for therapy and stay for community.”

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