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Our mission is to co-create an inclusive community and wellness center full of opportunities for deep healing, personal growth, self-expression, and connection.


Dr. Jordan Sloshower


Dr. Jamila Hokanson


Dr. Stephanie Kilpatrick


Damian Paglia

Integration Director and Community Builder

Sasha Lehrer

Wellness Coordinator

Jordan Sloshower, MD, MSc is a board-certified psychiatrist, researcher, and educator specializing in integrative approaches to mental health and psychedelic-assisted therapies.

Jamila Hokanson, MD, MBA, MHA is a psychiatrist that works with adolescents, young adults, women, and people of color who would benefit from a holistic mental health healing approach. 

Damian Paglia is a certified holistic health practitioner (American Association of Drugless Practitioners), therapeutic life coach, and social architect. He has been fostering and facilitating community, belonging, and healing since 2001.

Sasha Lehrer is a somatic therapist and explorer. She believes in diving deep into the wisdom of the body to seek the source of both our joy and our pain. She seeks to help guide people to their own healing that is available through their body and soul’s own unique pathway. 


Anne Dutton, LCSW

Anne Dutton is an integrative psychotherapist practicing in New Haven, CT. She is the
former Director of Mindfulness Education at the Yale Stress Center, current Clinical Instructor of Social Work at Yale New Haven Hospital, and a core faculty member at the Copper Beech Institute in West Hartford, CT.

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