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Dr. Jamila Hokanson

Dr. Jamila Hokanson

Clinical Specialties

Adolescent and young adult mental health, women’s mental health, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma-related disorders, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy therapy, psychodynamic and mindfulness-based therapy, integrative psychiatry.


Services Offered

Individual and group psychotherapy, psychedelic integration and harm reduction, psychedelic research & business consulting. 


Jamila Hokanson, MD, MBA, MHA is a psychiatrist that works with adolescents, young adults, women, and people of color who would benefit from a holistic mental health healing approach.  She also conducts research in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy for obsession-compulsion disorder, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.  Dr. Hokanson completed her medical training at UT Southwestern medical school and psychiatric training at Yale University where she was the Chief Psychiatry Resident.  She has completed additional training in integrative psychiatry as well as MDMA-assisted psychotherapy training for the treatment of PTSD.  She is a study physician and co-therapist on several clinical trials for psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for the obsession-compulsion disorder and major depression disorder.  She is currently co-director at West Rock Wellness, PLLC in New Haven, CT.

Treatment Approach

Dr. Hokanson believes in a holistic and integrative approach to reducing mental health symptoms and she takes time to address multiple aspects of surrounding an individual’s life as well as their support system.  She believes in collaborating with each person to create an individualized treatment plan.  Her goal is to enable each person to become the master of their own healing in a manner that serves them best.  Dr. Hokanson’s approach is a combination of mindfulness, meditation, cognitive, and somatic therapies.


Dr. Hokanson is a native of Saginaw, Michigan. She holds an engineering degree from Cornell University and dual master‘s degrees in business and healthcare management.  She has 12 years of corporate management experience and has led global and community organizational change initiatives, including local and national non-profit startups aimed at addressing education and health disparities.

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