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At West Rock Wellness, we offer, with care, compassion, and attention to inclusivity and equity, a spectrum of therapeutic and wellness services, including different forms of individual and group psychotherapy, psychiatric medication management, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, psychedelic integration services, and more.




Clinical Services

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy 

Psychedelic Integration and Harm Reduction

Individual Psychotherapy 

Trauma Focused Psychotherapy 


Prolonged Exposure Psychotherapy 

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy 

Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy 

Integrative Psychiatry Evaluations 

Group psychotherapy 

Couples and Family Therapy

Forensic Evaluations

Workers Compensation Evaluations 

Substance Use Harm Reduction and Treatment

Fees and Payments 

West Rock Wellness is currently out of network with all insurance providers. Therefore, unless otherwise informed, you will be personally responsible for the full cost of your treatment. All fees will be discussed with clinic staff or your clinician prior to the time of service and you may request a Good Faith Estimate of the cost of your care at any time. Many insurance plans will reimburse a portion of fees paid by patients to out of network providers. Upon request we can provide you with a detailed statement called a "superbill" documenting services, diagnostic codes, and payments. This documentation can be submitted by you to your insurance company for consideration for reimbursement. 

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