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Thu, Dec 14


West Rock Wellness

Hypnotic Medicine Music with Goodnight Moonshine

Explore your subconscious & alter your state of mind with Goodnight Moonshine's hypnotic medicine music!

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Hypnotic Medicine Music with Goodnight Moonshine
Hypnotic Medicine Music with Goodnight Moonshine

Time & Location

Dec 14, 2023, 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

West Rock Wellness, 869 Whalley Ave, New Haven, CT 06515, USA

About the event

Goodnight Moonshine is a guitar and vocal duet that plays nationally. The duo combines the  evocative voice and songwriting of Molly Venter with Eben Pariser’s  adventurous guitar playing. In addition to traditional concerts,  Goodnight Moonshine offers intimate Hypnotic Medicine Music sessions.  Molly brings her experience as a trained hypnotist to guide you through  an induction that is deepened into a trance with the addition of  psychedelic guitar improv. The musical journey often creates a profound  sense of comfortable stillness, access to creative flow-state, space to  process emotions of the day (and experiences of a lifetime), and in many  cases visions that point towards the next phase of your journey.  Come  and explore your subconscious, and enjoy a completely chemical-free  altered state of mind.

Tickets are $35/person, capacity limited to 18 people! 

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Meet Molly & Eben: 

Hi, I'm Molly!  I’m a Hypno-Coach for Creatives (and we are all Creative). I am  certified through the Ethical Coaching Collective and The National  Association of Counselors and Therapists as an Integrative Life Coach. I  work with the unconscious mind to change the brain. I give people the  tools to regulate their nervous systems and re-wire their neural  pathways, unlocking the highest potential for their lives and creative  pursuits.

Creativity is a basic function of human beings; we are  the maker-ape! True creativity requires entering a different state of  mind - one we all have some experience with, if only when we first  awaken from sleep or discover great insights in the shower!  When our  focus is narrowed and our internal editor is silenced, we’re able to  mine our unconscious mind and pull from every book we’ve ever read,  every trip we’ve taken, every conversation we’ve had - plus ideas that  exist all on their own in the ether! This is the mind-space I write  songs from; it’s the most generative, connected, expansive feeling I  have on a regular basis. It’s all on offer to you!

If you’re  longing to integrate more creativity into your life but don’t know where  to start, or you come into resistance when you approach a project, or  if you find yourself shying away for fear of exposure, I’m here to  resource you into your own magic, to cultivate and stick to your  creative pursuits, and to feel safe sharing your creative self!

Hi, I'm Eben!  I used to carry my guitar into the bar at age 13 and sit in with the  local blues band with my Dad. I studied music at the Oberlin  Conservatory, but a wrist injury stalled my performing career and led me  to a degree in Neuroscience. Despite this set-back, I back-slid into  music. I moved to Brooklyn and taught myself voice and bucket-bass and  formed the street-band Roosevelt Dime, while working at Rockefeller  University in a birdsong neuro-lab. I re-taught myself guitar with  proper ergonomic technique, became musical director of Red Molly and  started Goodnight Moonshine with my wife Molly Venter. During COVID I  became a TrueFire educator, designed a recording studio for the  Neighborhood Music School and launched the record label Equitone  Records.

My passion as a guitarist is for understanding and  drawing connections between far reaching forms of music- while still  honoring the cultural traditions of each genre. I’m a jazz musician. I’m  a folk musician. Composition and improvisation are two of my favorite  things. None of it matters without tone, touch, and passion.

Photo credit: Judy Sirota Rosenthal

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